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Denizli, kenti sanayi ve turizm yönünden son yıllarda adını duyurmaya başladı. Her mevsim gelen turist sayısı gittikçe artıyor. Ege Bölgesi’nin parlayan yıldızı olarak model oluyor.
Denizli has been making a name for itself in terms of industry and tourism in recent years, with the number of tourists increasing steadily each season. It has become a shining star in the Aegean Region and serves as a model for others. The majority of its industry is comprised of textiles and textile products, contributing significantly to our country's exports. Among the many textile companies, one stands out with its creative innovations: issimo Home, also known as Başarı Tekstil, is garnering well-deserved appreciation.

Just recently, they broke participation records nationwide with the "Ecology and Technology" themed cartoon competition held in collaboration with Denizli Municipality. Ismail Yilmaz, the Chairman of Başarı Tekstil, had led efforts and sacrifices in the cartoon competition, which led to increased interest.

Ismail Yilmaz is a man of passion. His commitment to culture and art keeps him in the spotlight. He allocates a budget each year to the ancient city of Laodikeia. He also places full-page advertisements in newspapers for the return of our country's stolen historical artifacts. The introduction of the special 2013 collection themed "Ecology and Technology" by issimo Home will take place during a dealer meeting to be held at the Calista Luxury Resort Hotel in Antalya-Belek from February 28th to March 3rd, 2013. Art and culture will be prominent at the meetings. Mehmet Ali Bulut, the author of the book "Can Boğazdan Çıkar," will give a presentation on "Nutrition Based on Blood Types" to participants.

The artist for the gala dinner will be the unforgettable singer Emel Sayın. issimo Home has more surprises in store for its dealers, including a raffle where a Ford Connect van and 15 electric bicycles will be given away.

Journalist and author

Erkin Usman