Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage, who will be staying in Denizli for the filming of "Ghost Rider 2," will be using specially designed "issimo Home" branded products for himself and his family during their stay at the hotel.
Nicolas Cage, who will be staying in Denizli for the filming of "Ghost Rider 2," will be residing in the presidential suite prepared for him at Colossae Thermal Hotel in Pamukkale. In this meticulously designed triplex suite, the famous actor will be accompanied by his wife and their 5-year-old child.

During their stay, Nicolas Cage and his family will be using specially designed issimo Home branded products in their suite. İsmail Yılmaz, the Chairman of Başarı Tekstil and founder of the issimo Home brand, expressed gratitude for the significant project taking place in their city, stating, "It is a great opportunity for us that our city hosts such an important project. We have a chance to showcase our historical and natural beauties to the world. We must make good use of this opportunity."

Yılmaz added, "As the issimo Home brand, we wanted to contribute to this promotion. We have designed special products for Nicolas Cage and his family. Our antique-designed organic bedspreads and organic towels and bathrobes, which will be used daily during their stay, reflect the quality of Denizli to some extent. All the products to be used by the famous actor were specially designed, taking inspiration from the ancient city of Hierapolis where the film will be shot. We hope that Nicolas Cage will leave our country satisfied with our products and Turkish hospitality."

In addition to Cage's stay, a large production team will also be present in the city for the film shootings, which will utilize the historical and natural beauty of Pamukkale as a backdrop.